About us

About Charming Favor

Charming Favor is an American quilt and patchwork design company. We are driven by the simple idea that Quilts - a symbol of love and comfort - are accessible to everybody. Our mission is to surround you with our positive energy, brighten your days with happy thoughts, and create happiness in your life through our quilts.

Our Philosophy

  1. Our slogan: Stay with us and feels like home. We aim to treat you like family by bringing you the best quality product ever. Our products are made by our dedicated employees and we do our best to make them perfect.
  2. Our mission: Provide you high quality, low pricing products with unique design to brighten your days with happiness.
  3. Our vision: Become the best place where you not only can shop safely but also experience the Quilting tradition, the fabric of our past, present and future.

Our Promises

  1. Unique Design Style
  2. Premium Material
  3. Professional Services

Charming Favor

1007 N Orange St 4th floor, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA

Email: support@charmingfavor.com